“Michaux captures Marvin Gaye’s breathtaking emotional depth on new album.”…..

JazzCorner.com http://www.jazzcorner.com/news/display.php?news=1608

“The late Marvin Gaye was the Mount Olympus of soul. Reaching that summit is an impossible task. Many have tried, only to embarrassingly stumble.
However, Michaux was able to defeat the odds. On What’s Going On…Still…, Michaux covers the five most powerful tracks from Gaye’s timeless 1971 masterpiece, What’s Going On.
Shockingly, they were recorded live with no retakes. Michaux should be applauded for his courage alone. Capturing Gaye’s breathtaking emotional depth in a studio is difficult enough, but to cut it live? Yet there’s no denying that Michaux nails it. Michaux’s icy crooning on “God Is Love” conjures the spirit of Gaye so eerily well that it almost feels like there’s a ghost in the room. Roy Johnson’s slinky bass echoes early ‘70s funk with pinpoint precision.
This isn’t an American Idol-styled imitation, though. Michaux invests each track with his own silky smooth touch; there is real passion in his voice. “God Is Love” segues into “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)” with astonishing grace. Mark Walker’s jazzy piano and Nathan Hook’s sultry sax sweeten the air with dulcet melodies. The eternal title track echoes the weariness caused by today’s troubled times in the aching passion of Michaux’s vocals.”

“Michaux gives us a very classy take on Marvin’s classic What’s Going On album amazingly recorded live in one take, direct to tape, not edits, no computers, using only equipment and techniques used back in the day. This is real serious back to basics work, just fantastic!”
Roger Willaims, Solar Radio, UK

“Michaux gives us quite a treat sharing Gaye’s soft tenor vocal improvisation, a really great tribute to Marvin Gaye reminding us that great music can be timeless. This is real quality stuff from start to finish!”
Chris Crates, Radio Meltdown, ALLFM 96.9FM Manchester UK

“Tight, sublime and arrangement is spot on. Marvin is smiling up above, that’s what’s happening brother.”
Kevin Baynham – Radio Presenter/Dj. Music Events and Artist Promotions at Life and Soul Promotions Gloucester, UK

“Truly a talent with a great voice!” Sean Birdsall, Founder, Limetree Music Festival, North Yorkshire, UK

“Michaux captures the beauty and agony of Gaye’s work in this incredibly moving tribute.” – Jazz Times http://jazztimes.com/community/articles/27550-critique-what-s-going-on-still-cd

“Michaux lives up to his name with ‘What’s Going On … Still …,’ investing Marvin’s sacred masterpiece with a mellow, soulful Sunday afternoon space reincarnation.”A. Scott Galloway – Music Editor – The Urban Network – Los Angels, CA

“Michaux lovingly takes on “What’s Going On,” providing a loose, funky, organic jam session that absolutely works, reminding us how great these songs are and how the lyrics hit home in 2011 just as they did in 1971.”
Chris Rizik, Publisher – SoulTracks.com – Ann Arbor, MI

“What’s Going On … Still … successfully brings back the genius of Marvin Gaye in many areas. Michaux excels in his skill of splicing laid-back jazz adlibs and maintaining the musical flow, especially on the seven minute plus tracks. Another strong factor is that his tenor is a dead ringer for Marvin. If music casting were to choose who could recapture Marvin’s heart and jazzy soulful voice, Michaux unequivocally qualifies with What’s Going On … Still … “
Peggy Oliver – The Urban Music Scene

“This record makes me feel like Michaux and the band are in my living room giving me a private concert, a very intimate experience” A Fan

“Michaux truly makes me believe in what hes saying. His voice speaks to me and the message is right on time” A Fan

“White soul doesn’t come by everyday and when it does it tends to disappoint. However, this is not the case with the latest project from Texas based Michaux…….laid back yet infectious urban grooves with compelling vocal inflections that immediately evoke the sound of Ronald Isley…..”
Smoothvibes.com, (Switzerland)
Denis Poole’s Secret Garden – UK

“An outstanding release! Real music from a real artist – What more could anyone ask for? I cannot wait to tell my audience the tour dates for Europe!”
Torsten Williamson – Fuchs
JAM FM, Berlin, Germany’s #1 R&B and Hip Hop Station!

“One of the strongest Inspirational Soul albums of this year surfaces via a new artist breaking out of Austin, Texas. A well-produced, superbly sung debut, is lyrically profound and showcases a pleasing neo-soul style. Michaux is not afraid to wear his soulful influences on his sleeve. For example, Maxwell immediately springs to mind – although there’s a hint of Marvin, a sprinkling of Curtis, a touch of Leroy Hutson. The material, mainly self-penned, showcases mellow two-steppers like “All I need”, the rare-groove funk of “Resti2shun” (where Cymande meets Mayfield head-on), a potential slow-jam radio winner in “He paid it all” and the undisputed highlight for me, the soulful, sensual “What you wouldn’t do for love”. Recommended!”
Steve Jackson – Shades of Soul Magazine – CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM

“All round strong album that gives props to the old skool, but also has a current edge. The songs are also strong given Michaux’s commendable views on life. There’s a trio of tracks in the middle that I like a lot, mellow but sweet, superbly controlled vocals, a sweet ballad ‘Toni’, and the haunting Curtis-esque ‘What you wouldn’t do for love’. The pace quickens with the funky, live feel of ‘Love You the Right Way’. ‘Resti2tion’ is even funkier with distant horns and some Prince or George Clinton like qualities. ‘Resti 2 tion’ and ‘What you Wouldn’t do for Love’ are the standouts for me.”
Michael C Ashley – Life and Soul Promotions – UNITED KINGDOM

“Michaux sings a message over music that washes over you like Maxwell’s most sensual balladry. The White Texan has an affinity for soulful grooves.”
A. Scott Galloway, Music Editor
The Urban Network (Los Angeles)
Liner notes writer: The Reel Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly and Donny Hathaway’s Extension of a Man

“Michaux rides on a warm magic carpet with the likes of Maxwell and Remy Shand and he does so quite convincingly. His Blue Eyed Soul is in an elevated category. He writes excellent songs without weak points, and is a singer who has quite the ‘black artist’ potential.”
Joerg Michael Schmitt – Soulsite.de, Sonic Soul
Isernhagen (Germany)

“Very much reminiscent of the Fugees and even in places Alexander O’Neal, Michaux is all about serious smooth soul, in particular close vocal harmony with jazz overtones. There’s no doubting that this is a first class package – check out the production on “All I Need” and “What You Wouldn’t Do For Love”.”
Cross Rhythms Magazine UNITED KINGDOM

“You don’t find a truly original sound every day. Smooth and funk-E in a laid back, “let the music breathe” way. Those are the first words that come to mind after listening to MichauX’s album, Just Michaux. Michaux (pronounced “Mishow”) is a Texas-based songwriter/musician/producer who has been honing his studio chops since the age of twelve. With a near-falsetto, silky vocal delivery and a mix of R&B, soul, funk, psychedelic, and pop orchestration. While Michaux handles most of the vocals and a lot of the instruments himself; he has also collected some great players to support him; especially funky bass guitarist Nick Lewis on tracks, which include: “All I Need,” “Love You the Right Way,” and “Resti 2 tion”.
One of the best things I can say about Michaux is that, although his music sounds familiar (due to being soul-oriented), he really sounds like no one else. I want so badly to draw comparisons: “he sounds like Prince” or “he is a lot like Terence Trent Darby.” But that wouldn’t be accurate. The closest I can come is Charles and Eddie, the soul-pop duo from the ’90s that scored the hit, “Would I Lie To You.” The comparison is only from a vocal perspective, however — Michaux has much more going on!”
Eriq Wegfahrt – Infuze Magazine – (Costa Mesa, CA)

“Michaux picks up where Jon B. and Remy Shand left off. It’s a new level of Soul from the South. I’m glad to see an artist be an artist for one, and show the world that Texas has Soul. Deep in the heart of Texas for real!”
Deuce Deuce, KDHT Hot 93.3/99.7 – Blazin’ Hip Hop & RnB
(Austin, Texas)

“Michaux combines the essential elements of ‘Classic Soul’ and gives it a modern appeal for the current R&B market.
I really believe that radio should definitely take notice of this up and comer!”
Preston Lowe – Music Director, X102.3 / B106.3
(West Palm Beach Florida)

“Marvin Gaye and classic funk elements throughout, this paradox reaches its peak on the album’s best cut, “Resti 2 tion,” an offbeat mixture of James Brown funk and 60s psychedelic rock that works quite well, particularly with his anti-greed, anti-crime lyrical message.”
Chris Rizik – Soul Tracks Magazine – (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

“We were looking for something new and edgy for ‘Showtime at the Apollo’. MichauX’s voice and music is unique and different than anything we have heard before and we believe that the audience will really relate to his music and the message.”
Malika Smith – Consultant to ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ (NYC)